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The Blue Lead

28th May 2012, 12:00 AM
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The Blue Lead
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Author Notes:

Mursa 28th May 2012, 12:00 AM edit delete
The dangers of the dealers den are every where. some times its the next table over.

This week has the first guest in ConFURence, Flinters (Once known as Flint Hoof) A rather popular furry illustrator in the fandom known for his silly toony style and his blue lead that is well known for snapping and ricocheting off of others.

Flinters is an insanely fast artist. As you can see he finished 4 in the time it took me to make box's ^^. All the images on Flinters Paper is his own art. Check his art out over at his FA page
just be warned Not Safe For Work a lot of the time

Con Tip: Don't Challenge the Flinters x.=.x


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